TPP means no more domain privacy

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Perhaps domain registrars can become Super PACs, and registrants will be donors, to ensure their anonymity.


The registration information on most of my domains (granted, they’re not really that important to me) is under the name “Bob Smith, Bob Smith Industries, 123 Fake St, Beverly Hills, CA, 90210”. Though I do have a real email address on there.


The headline does not match the actual text of the TPP draft at all. First, the provision relates only to ccTLDs (country-code TLDs) and not to internet domain names generally. Second, it states that each ccTLD will have a dispute policy similar to the UDRP, and it says that each ccTLD will provide a WHOIS lookup “in accordance with each Party’s laws and, where applicable, relevant administrator policies regarding protection of privacy and personal data.” So if the ccTLD administrator has a domain privacy service and policy, then this hardly seems to be saying “no more domain privacy”. It would be helpful if the author of the article could explain in what way the headline accurately reflects the relevant provision of the leaked draft document, but I guess the idea was simply to attract clicks.

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Cory, I think you misspelled “prescribed” as “proscribed” near the end of the third paragrah.

There are now much simpler ways of attracting many clicks, such as wearing beetle pheromones.


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