Tragic rabies death in China


That is depressing, but I have so many questions. Does China have a large stray or feral population of dogs or was this a pet? If they had fully intended on spending the money on shots for the kid, why the heroics on sucking the virus out of the wound? Is there anything that resembles a health department in China where they could educate the population on the disease?

  1. The link says it was a stray dog. I don’t think there’s anywhere in the world that doesn’t have stray dogs…other than Antarctica.
  2. Panic? Ignorance of medical options in the moment?
  3. The man was told it was highly unlikely he would catch the disease. There is speculation that maybe he had an open sore of some sort in his mouth or digestive tract and that was how the virus got into his system.

Ah, thanks. I missed the stray dog part, but I was confused about the requirement of open wounds in mucus membranes as a transmission route. I would think the nature of a higher rate of absorption, the vascular nature, etc would up the ante on contracting the disease without a nick in the tissue.

Sure, every place has strays, I think it makes a difference if it is a very large number in the way that they try to contain the disease…

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And if Ted Cruz gets his way you’ll be able to turn down medical attention because of cost too.

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Add this to a long list of reasons never to visit China EVER!

I was just about to say it sounds like the Republican health care plan.

Also, how do you say Rant Casey in Chinese?

By the numbers, I think India is the place to skip if you don’t like rabies, though pretty much anywhere where you can’t get a timely round of treatment is a theoretical risk.

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