Trailer for Black Mirror season 3

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My body is ready.

If we get anything else like Fifteen Million Merits or White Bear, it’s going to be a hell of a ride. The Entire History of You was one of the most intense and brutal things I’ve ever watched.


At the moment, isn’t reality enough of a trailer for Black Mirror.


Fo sho! I just wasn’t feeling “The Waldo Moment”. Huge letdown until the Christmas episode.

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it’s about time!!!

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I just hope it has the same feel as the BBC made versions. It would take away some of the brilliance of the show if it gets too Americanized.

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Pokemon Go, Trump running for President, Brexit. Surely you mean season 4?


Couldn’t agree more. That one episode both freaked me out and opened my eyes wider than I thought possible.

i just finished watching the previous two seasons and yeah, all three of those episodes melted my head and haunted me for days.

I thought it was made for Channel 4.


Perhaps incorrectly, Amurikans like me think anything coming out of UK is
by the Beeb

Looking forward to this VERY much.

I watched that episode with my partners at the time. Big mistake. It so perfectly encompassed the underlying nature of how some couples interact and deal pain to each other out of insecurity, but in this more present and explicit manner due to the technology. A blueprint for so many past and future arguments, boiled down and made clear. We were all in tears by the end, silent and morose. At the same time, it was therapeutic in a sense, so when interactions start heading in that direction, my mind leaps to my memory of the episode and works hard to short-circuit the behavior.


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