Watch the first trailer for Amazon Prime's adaptation of conspiracy thriller UTOPIA

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The original show is so good. Just watch that.


Utopia was a short-lived BBC black comedy/thriller series

While the author’s correct that it was short-lived, it wasn’t a BBC thing - it was broadcast on Channel 4. Still absolutely worth a watch, and Cristobal Tapia de Veer’s soundtrack for it is bloody amazing in capturing just how uncomfortably weird it gets.


Wait what? It was supposed to be random but it wasn’t it left only the romani alive.

Absolutely, from the trailer it looks like it’s lost all of the wonderful surreal colour of the orginal and general filmic cinematography.


They’re going to have to work hard to equal (never mind beat) the original Arby and Lee, two of the scariest villains to grace any work of fiction.

Also, is this Becky as sweary as the original? And just as importantly, is she Welsh?


The original version was very good but just fucking miserable. I had a lifetime’s worth and more from that.


Is there any way to watch it in the US besides torrenting it?

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Came here to issue this correction heh

Such a good show. A bit too experimental, weird, high concept and violent for the BBC in my book.

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I :heart: Becky


It’s out on Blu-ray

In the US? Blu ray is generally region-locked.

Yeah, I felt the same way at the time.

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Is this broadcast TV by any chance?

I’m interested to see how it goes, especially considering that HBO dropped the rights to this and then picked up another comics and pandemics series with the Station Eleven adaptation.

I want to watch it based solely on this.


Oh yes. But post-watershed (can’t remember whether it went out at 9pm or 10pm, probably the latter).

I learned to avoid Americanized versions of British shows after reading reviews about Coupling and Being Human. Still, this subject matter it making me consider waiting until next year to watch it.

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Yeah, looks like the region-free version is no longer available.

This kind of nonsense is why I have a region unlocked player.

And torrent download.

Doesn’t everybody?