Trailer for Black Mirror Season 5

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As long as I don’t get an error message saying it’s not compatible with my Apple TV, then we’re good.

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I still haven’t watched all the existing episodes. I watch one and think, “That was good, but I need some months to recover from that before I watch another.”

What’s the opposite of binge-watching?





Thread over; you win.

I just don’t get the point of watching a show like Black Mirror when we live in the uncertain times that we do; real life is unsettling and disturbing enough already.

Oh, well… to each his own, I guess.


It’s hard to be “dystopic” fiction in what’s not too slowly becoming a dystopia. (c.f. the death of satire.)

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That was my point, exactly.

I can’t watch that shit for “entertainment.”


Yeah, I think that’s it.

Because fiction can help you deal with real-world issues. Especially in cases where, like Black Mirror, they actually predict things that come to pass. (E.g. The Waldo Moment and the Trump election, for instance…)


*watches episode of Black Mirror.
“Phew, thank fuck that’s not real.”
*checks the news.


Hopeless dystopian fiction, where doom is all but certain?

Hard pass.


Well, maybe that’s a sign it can be seen as actually-challenging art, and not just entertainment. Which doesn’t mean everyone has to watch it or derive value out of it, but I mean, there’s also people who like the Saw movies, which I’ll never understand. And those aren’t art, they’re torture porn. So I give the Black Mirror folks props for what they’re doing.

I bet a lot of folks don’t even realize that the term “black mirror” refers to the screens in our lives, and really gets to the themes McLuhan brought up many decades ago now. We were living in a “virtual reality” the moment we came up with mass media, effectively. I like how Black Mirror drives home the fact that we really live in the dystopian cyberpunk future now. We are all slaves to the black mirror now. The ones we carry with us at all moments of the day have essentially become a new lobe of our cybernetic brains, plugging us into the global hive mind, for better or worse.

It always surprises me how few people seem to realize that in a 10+ year period, our species became cyborgs…


How’s that working out?

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For starters, I haven’t yet given up hope, completely; and the same is true of some other people.


I imagine that’s how it must have felt to watch a lot of Twilight Zone episodes at the height of the cold war, when scenarios like this probably seemed all too likely:


Er… there was some hope & redemption in some of the Twilight Zone eps.

AFAIK, there’s still only one positive ep of Black Mirror.

People can watch whatever they like, obvs;

I’m just saying that I personally need my choices of escapism to have a positive effect on my mentality; I don’t need any help whatsoever with being freaked out, paranoid and afraid.


I get it; there are forms of entertainment I can’t stomach either. I never understood the appeal of “torture porn” like Saw or The Human Centipede for example.


I’ve seen the former, but not the latter.

Gore just for shock value’s sake isn’t my jam either.

Being an empath of sorts, I strive to limit my needless exposure to self-inflicted negativity and energy leeching.


That’s just what they want you to think is happening

Hey now, at least The Human Centipede has quite a bit more novel creativity on its side!


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I will take your word for it.

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