Trailer for Black Mirror Season 5

Yeah, just hearing the premise of that one made me go:

Not so much because it’s gory; but because it’s stupid.


Better than reality.




I haven’t caught all of the last few seasons – some early episodes are so dark and difficult that I need to watch some Gumball or Adventure Time as palate-cleansers, and it’s not exactly a show to watch for fun – but there were some brilliant ideas in Bandersnatch. You definitely can’t fault the filmmakers for lack of ambition.


Good taste have you! I so love both those shows. :slight_smile:

While true, this is probably more of a reference to King James version of 1 Corinthians 13:12 “For now we see through a glass, darkly”. This from an atheist who finds the Bible imminently quotable.

Agreed. It is NOT gory, but the premise is icky as hell. And the damn thing is surprisingly well made. AND, if nothing else, it gave us the South Park episode of 'The Human CentiPad" :grin:

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Me either. It was years before I watched another episode after watching The National Anthem.


Yeah, I started watching the show when it first aired in the UK, which I just realized was 2011. But it was only in the last couple years that I started occasionally “binge-watching” as many as a couple episodes in a couple months… and I only recently finished watching all the episodes from the first two series.

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