Black Mirror Season 6? You're living it!

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Feels accurate.
What would Netflix say to this?
Were they involved?


He and Charlie Stross can start a club.


Here’s another picture (click to see larger version).



Meanwhile in American cities the early release of GTA6 is getting mixed reviews.


episode sucks


Oh please, no. I can only cope with one at a time, charlie stross’ blog offers enough realism as it is and we’re already well into case nightmare orange.

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No Netflix was not involved:

We have been a few months in which our lives and Black Mirror are dangerously similar. This reality has not gone unnoticed by our students of the Comprehensive Creativity Course , who have turned this observation into an idea that has gone around the world.

It all started as a class exercise in which the two pairs formed by Tito Rocha and Alberto Arribas and Rubén de Blas and Mer Mandrés had to shape an outdoor campaign for Netflix. It was an exercise for class but they had to make it look real and they jumped into it.

With the help of digital tools and their own imagination, the group designed a mirror-shaped advertisement and placed it on a bus shelter in the city of Madrid. «'Black Mirror 6th Season. Live Now, everywhere ”was the only thing that could be read on the poster besides the Netflix logo. “The idea was already there, but on Monday ‘Black Mirror’ was raised as a trend and that was where the planets aligned ,” explains Tito Rocha in El Confidencial , one of the many media that have echoed the news.

The team released the images of their campaign to Twitter as part of a conversation about the series, but that it was one of the most viral tweets, that of Juan Manuel Toribio , which really managed to change the conversation to a new level, reaching thousands of people. .

Not bad for a group of students.


Thanks for the background! From @garethb2’s post, I thought it was a mixture of a statement and a legit campaign:

The links you provided have more gold. This one, in particular:

ETA: won’t onebox. Here’s a part of a screenshot:


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