Trailer for Netlix's sci-fi movie, ARQ


Haven’t seen Predestination, but Primer was just a time travel movie. Yes there are loops, but the characters control the time machine, and they aren’t stuck in the same repeating block of time, over and over (like 12:01 PM, Groundhog Day, Edge of Tomorrow etc.) That kind of plot device gives a story a very different feel from the usual time machine story. But of course there are gray areas and room for debate, as evident in that wiki’s Talk page.


@daneel So is there a loop in Predestination? :wink:



Since people are speculating about how ARQ might compare to other loopy stories, I am surprised that somebody has yet to mention Duncan Jones’ Source Code. So I just did.


I actually love recursive plots, because one day a protagonist will use the recurve of his/her personal time loop to drill down into the fabric of reality and discover that 42 really was the secret all along.



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I just couldnt remember the movie title. went with groundhogs day


I liked Edge of Tomorrow. For perspective, I hate nearly every Tom Cruise movie after Jerry Maguire (well, Minority Report was okay, but mostly crashed and burned a good premise), and I only liked about a third of what he did before Jerry Maguire.



“Beam me up, TARDIS”

Wait, that’s a transporter, right?


The series Day Break was Groundhog Day as crime noir.


And you get netlix so barely noticeable.


Time for a new plot maybe?


All credit to the late, great John Sladek.


If getting there is all the fun do you just turn round when you get there.


(n-1) / n isn’t all the fun unless n < 0.


Well we were all marching towards infinity right?


Yeah but not backwards. Hopefully.


Why not never going to hit the wall.


Hey, if you’re gonna list all the loop movies, you can’t leave out the non-SF ones.

For example, Memento. Or the video clip to Bjork’s Bachelorette.

And for almost-SF, Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind.