Trailer for Netlix's sci-fi movie, ARQ

They should announce a sequel to Groundhog Day but then just re-release the original.


Groundhog Day fans would have no problem with this. Everyone else would but they don’t matter in general anyway.


20 comments and no one has mentioned “Edge of Tomorrow”?

Do we hate Tom Cruise that much?

- Loops through time and dies each day

- Pieces it together incrementally

- Love interest who’s in on it

- Looping caused by technology explained in the universe


Thanks for the spoilers alert. Oh wait. There wasn’t one. Nice work brainiac.

Why do you think someone took the time to write an entire screenplay around the idea of killing Tom Cruise over and over?


I believe a Broadway musical is due shortly.

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You guys don’t remember making these comments yesterday?


There are some really, really good ones out there, though. I recommend reading Palimpsest!

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Good joke, but it was more like Tom Cruise wanting to be killed over and over - the screenplay was done before engaging talent, and the role was first offered to Brad Pitt (who passed).

Maybe Cruise hoped this ritual would free his thetans or something.

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Sorry, that sounds like almost everything I hate in pseudo SF fantasy. I had to stop listening to Escape Pod after Steve Eley left because of so many stories like this.

He was great in it, one of my all time favourite roles for him.

Groundhog Day and Edge of Tomorrow were mentioned, but has no one else seen the 1990 short film “12:01 PM”? It pre-dates Groundhog Day by 3 years, and is based on a short story from 1973. (Apparently it was made into a full length movie later, but I never saw it.)

In the short film Kurtwood Smith is stuck in a loop that’s just one hour long, so even though he can remember each loop he has much less time to try to find a solution. Very much worth watching if you can find it.

From that wiki page, I found another that lists all films with time loops! There are a few before “12:01 PM”, but they don’t seem to have that exact same “stuck in a loop” plot.


Bill Murray did it better.

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So, is this NetLix you speak of some sort of porn site?


All narrative tends to involve time travel, otherwise there would be no beginning or end to it. And as Brion Gysin explained: “Time is that which ends.”

I would tend to describe ARQ (based upon what little I know about it) as precisely the opposite, a story where people do not travel through time for a change. They instead occupy the same time.


No mention of Primer or Predestination on that list?

Maybe they don’t quite fit the description. Both well worth watching, mind.


Hold that thought while I try to find that joint I squirreled away years ago.


The TVTropes page covers all forms of media, even real life.

It covers real life with time loops?

Hold that thought while I try to find that joint I squirreled away years ago.

Haven’t seen Predestination, but Primer was just a time travel movie. Yes there are loops, but the characters control the time machine, and they aren’t stuck in the same repeating block of time, over and over (like 12:01 PM, Groundhog Day, Edge of Tomorrow etc.) That kind of plot device gives a story a very different feel from the usual time machine story. But of course there are gray areas and room for debate, as evident in that wiki’s Talk page.

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