Trailer for new Errol Morris doc 'My Psychedelic Love Story'

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I need to stop looking at trailers for movies streaming on services/channels i’m not subscribed to

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Errol Morris seems to have a thing for LSD. “Wormwood” was all about it too.

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I was only 16 when Leary was released.

One minute I’m reading about him in that East Village Other collection (I’m sure it was that) then I’m reading about him in the current issue of Rolling Stone. There was something in that about informing to get out early, but maybe it was there the implication that Joanna helped in his arrest while escaped to Europe. It’s been decades since I read that article.

Refreshing myself with his wikipedia entry, after his release and breakup with Joanna, he married Tanya Roberts’ sister.

If you think Errol has a “thing for LSD”, check out his son, Hamilton Morris.


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