Trailer for Sinéad O'Connor documentary "Nothing Compares"

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She was right… that pope was particularly guilty of aiding cover ups of horrific abuses.


And the whole story of WHY that picture is very personal to her - it was the one that her mother had up in their house.

I highly recommend her memoir.



i hope she finally gets recognized and appreciated for being right all along. she’s gone through so much, and she’s always been so fantastic.


She’s an amazing artist with an incredible voice, but she was basically dismissed most of her career because she shaves her head. It’s all anyone talked about at the height of her fame. That is so so stupid, but of course judging a woman entirely by her appearance is de rigeur. :unamused:


Well, until she ripped up that picture that is, and then THAT was all anyone talked about… I think prior to that, the shaved head kind of worked, because it helped her stand out - which frankly, the music should have done, as she’s an excellent song writer, in addition to being a fantastic singer. I love her cover of Nothing Compares 2 U, but I think the rest of that album has songs that are much better…

For example…


Yes, yes, yes! That one… that song is fucking brilliant, and it’s one she’d been singing for years before. I’m such a huge fan of her music, and was just rip shit at how she was treated after ripping up the picture, which I applauded. Fuck the church… fuck the bastards.

The woman is amazing and her songs are incredible. The Lion and the Cobra remains one of my favorite albums, along with I Do Not Want What I Haven’t Got.


The opening riffs of “Mandinka” bring back all sorts of good memories from that era.


Lion and the Cobra is one of those rare perfect albums.

Not a bad song on it. Every song hits hard.

Incredible performance. Incredible production. Just perfection.


Her album The Lion and the Cobra had a massive influence in my young adult mind. Seeing her in concert in Austin for that album was an experience I will never forget. I hope that she chooses to stay with us here in the land of the living. Her son’s recent suicide is affecting her deeply at present.


I think Sinead O’Connor is a topic that @Mindysan33 and I have reminisced on in past BB posts.

For all the great albums put out, I think a lot of people have missed out on her fabulous live stuff. No autotune, no overdubs here.

It’s really hard for me to share it all, but certainly check out the pinkpop shows, the shows that made up The Year of the horse the work with the chieftains, the more recent anciene Belgique show and what is fan footage from likely her very last tour.


I posted this not that long ago on BB, but it bears repeating.

Sinead O’Conner does the chorus with Peter Gabirel and it is quite lovely, IMO.

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In the interest of being completist, here is another that she collaborated on (you don’t really hear her much until the latter half of the song, but the song ( original here ) is absolutely brilliant so I just have to post.)


I deeply appreciated all of this interview.

She has suffered much, in so many spheres, enough for many lifetimes, let alone one–hers.

That interview made me appreciate her lyrics more, differently.


The audience is 100% with her, you can hear them singing the backing chorus part. And in her performance, you can hear strength and vulnerability and youth and a ferocious willingness to be present.

The strength of this woman is amazing. How she keeps on keeping on is powerful testimony to the work she’s done on herself, for herself. Stay strong, Ms. O’Connor / Ms. Sadaqat, and big thanks from those of us who see you. We really do.

ETA: corrected names


Thanks for this…I had forgotten/misplaced this album somehow. Just pulled it up and listened to it today and really enjoyed it.


I didn’t get into Sinead until “Universal Mother” where she threw a rap song on the album. ‘Famine’ was quite good as were all the songs.

I was surprised the SNL Pope thing didn’t torpedo her career.

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It did in the states. Much of the rest of the world did not care about that, though. Right wingers in the US were fucking livid. This documentary is about that.

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