Foo Fighters and Alanis Morisette play killer of cover Sinéad O'Connor's "Mandinka" (video)

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no shade on Alanis, because nobody had pipes like Sinéad – that song has got to be so hard to perform. I love seeing everyone play tributes to her. Considering U2’s early involvement with her, and then their contentious history later, i’m curious to see their tribute to her. Anyone have a link to that?

Also, Open Culture posted a piece this morning of Sinéad’s first U.S. appearance, performing Mandinka, and i didn’t realize it was on Letterman. i must have missed this entirely. she blew the place away:


Oh man, this is a nice document right here. Thanks for posting. You get more of her slightly-feral, less overprocessed voice in this performance.

Agree that

… I found Foo Fighers and Ms. Morissette obviously meant well but … it’s just not doing the song justice. Bless 'em.

I can’t quite tell but that drummer on the Letterman set is I think mouthing some of the words along with the singing, definitely having fun.

I wonder what the Letterman audience must have made of this intense young musician from Ireland, unapologetically shorn of hair and wearing no (or very little) makeup, facing the world, the cameras, the people there that night.

They’re throwing it all this way
Dragging it back to the start
And they say “see how the glass is raised?”
I have refused to take part
I’ve told them “drink something new”
Please let me pull something through

She did serve them up something new and utterly unique, that night, “Late Night,” air date: 9/7/88.

She succeeded unequivocally.

ETA: word order, clarifiers


Thanks to everyone for honoring her. They tried, that’s all that matters. Nothing compares to her of course.

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