Trailer: Judas and the Black Messiah

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That looks . . . incredible.

Looks like some damn strong casting. Jesse Plemons is a pretty great choice for a Federal agent after nailing the role of a well-mannered-yet-merciless White Supremacist sociopath in Breaking Bad.

And Martin Sheen as Hoover. Too bad I’ll have to wait until it’s on some not-HBO service.

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Still a whole month away???
This preview only made me even more excited because it featured Dominique Fishback, who was great in The Deuce (though it seems this is essentially the same personality as in that show, but if it’s gonna be her thing, she does it nicely).

I always knew there was something off about Jed Bartlet.

I haven’t looked forward to a movie in ages. They filmed a lot of it in Cleveland’s Slavic Village neighborhood. Each year that neighborhood hosts a local pan-leftist conference and I’ve gotten to talk to a lot of old Panthers ans some RAM members about their experiences with cointelpro on the same streets they are showing.

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