'Metastasis', a new 'Breaking Bad' en Español starring 'Walter Blanco'


He will partner up with Jesse Hombre Rosa! Van a romperse mal!


Jesucristo, Maria!

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“To W.B., my star, my perfect silence."

“To W.B. hmmm… Warner Brothers? W B. Yeats? Walter Blanco?”

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I watched Gladiator dubbed into Spanish on a bus in Ecuador, and it was significantly more badass. I’m officially intrigued.

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Yeeeahhhh…but this isn’t a dub. It’s a remake. Which seems…I don’t know. Too soon springs to mind.

Besides, what are they going to do about “Negro Y Azul: The Ballad of Heisenberg?” For parallelism it should be performed by an English-speaking gangster rap group that no one in Central/South America has heard of.


Where is it going to be set? Hasn’t Columbia has socialized medicine for, like, 20 years?


I envy the Spanish-speaking people who will watch this and wonder how it’s going to end. As much as I enjoyed Breaking Bad the first time around it’s a ride I never want to go on ever again, and yet I wish I could erase the whole thing from my memory and watch it all over. Particularly the final moments.

Wouldn’t it be great if Jose gets sent up to the US to straighten out Walter Whites Meth operation?


Time to whip up a batch of Navarrocerveza!

Si! Imanes, puta!

I’m really going to need to brush up on my Spanish for this one…

Say its name

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