Los Pollos Hermanos—Taste the Family!


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Hopefully, season 2 will be streaming on the netflix soon!


I saw “Taser the family”.


What? I not the first one who thought that after hearing “Taste The Family” come out of his mouth


I was really not enjoying Revolution, so when Giancarlo popped up in Breaking Bad, I relished his villain. I hope there’s some substantial storyline.


If there isn’t, that’s a waste of Giancarlo Esposito.


I really enjoyed the first season. I had a renewed appreciation for Saul Goodman after watching the first season. I already liked Mike also, but now I like him even more.


Wait, didn’t he get blown up?


Better Call Saul is the prequel.


Ah, I knew part of it was.


Well, so far all but a few minutes of it is prequel.


Based upon this I suppose?


I always thought it reminded me of the sister chains, El Pollo Loco.

But here in Mexico, nobody seems to care about trademark, and companies practically steal images, colors, and themes all the time. Here’s a great combo of cross-promotion by El Rey Asil, which is virtually identical to Pollo Rey.


Well, I guess it’s pollos all the way a bajo.


I couldn’t even make it through the pilot, but now I’ll have to try again.


The writers on “Better Call Saul” have shown us some good stuff already. I hope our favourite criminal lawyer (by which we of course mean criminal lawyer) ends up being Gus’s choice to help set up new locations and franchises.


It is actually not a bad place to eat. And the people next door have an emu.


It is streaming somewhere


Erhmantraut was the best character from both shows, I think. I wish he’d get HIS own show!


Is somewhere Netflix? :wink: