Los Pollos Hermanos—Taste the Family!


More like somewhere somewhere torrent.


I’ve told you I can help you acquire the preciouses…

OMG - I loved Gus’ character. He will be a welcome addition!


Mmmarvellous. Two seasons of finely crafted tele already so i can’t wait. The chicken man was obviously on the horizon given the expanded role of mike and the note left on his windscreen. I love him, course, but i’m not sure how much of mike’s role really matters in this timeline to be honest. What i like about saul is that it is its own thing and the breaking bad characters will come into orbit around saul sure but it shouldn’t try to be breaking bad and they shouldn’t feel pressured into making it a compromised version of it.


Better Call Saul, and Fargo, are what I think of as Rough TV. Totally brilliant, but so intense that they can be hard to watch, but how can you NOT watch them?

I hope Gus Fring’s appearance is appropriate, not contrived just to justify the return of the (utterly amazing, brilliantly performed) character. I didn’t get the impression that Saul and Gus had any dealings with each other before the events of Breaking Bad.


Well, Mike worked for/with both of them.


Tastes just like chicken.


At least watch the pilot to the end. There’s a cool surprise in the last few seconds.


What does family taste like? Placenta.


Am I correct in crediting The Sopranos for this becoming a thing, or were there prior TV shows that also ran in that space? I’m starting to get the impression that I really missed out by not watching Breaking Bad…


…is breastfeeding vegan…? hmmmm


You did miss out. Time for some serious binge. At the VERY least, season 1-3 and the last 2. wait…thats 5. there were 5 seasons. Just binge the whole damn thing!


I ate there once. The chicken was a little underdone, but when I complained to the manager he slit the cook’s throat with a box cutter.


only until about 12 apparently… :slight_smile:


Never watch The Sopranos, but it is likely the first of the shows of the sort I mention.


Hill Street Blues as a pioneer of that sort of thing maybe? Got to be influential on that style, at least.

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