Better Call Saul reveals the tortured origin of Mike Ehrmantraut


Certainly the best episode so far, it hit me the same way for the same reasons. Good recap, too. Just change “conception” to “perception” and it’s perfect.

Who’s the badass former cop,
That’s made for you and me?
M - I - K - E - Ehrman - T - R - A - U - T.

Hey, there, hi, there, ho, there,
You’re as deadly as can be!
M - I - K - E - Ehrman - T - R - A - U - T.

Whenever Marketplace plays that clip “The Boss will see you now”, I think it’s this man on Wiseguy. Is that correct?

Assuming that Mike took the train from Philadelphia, he should have been arriving in Albuquerque on AmTrack, not the RailRunner.

Such a good episode, I have to say I got a bit choked up when Mike was confessing to his daughter in law. What a fantastic character, and actor.

Dear K.M. McFarland,

I’m sick of your headline spoilers. You’re a jerk.

Kind regards


“This episode is about Mike’s past” isn’t very spoilery at all, as far as these things go. If you watched Breaking Bad the ‘tortured origin’ part has been so heavily foreshadowed it’s really no surprise at all. If you didn’t watch Breaking Bad, what are you waiting for?

Imagine my disappointment when i see this article has more comments than any of the previous episodes and i come in here and it’s mostly spoiler complaining. Just imagine that. I for one enjoy reading the insightful recaps.

Brilliant episode.


The risk would be dispelling some of the mystery…in lesser hands.

I have such rare faith in this team to keep on making it amazing. And yes, how Banks did utterly crush it - AND Odenkirk, gleefully supporting him in their couple of scenes together. Bringing out great acting in each other, thanks also to that script. So good.

Unintentional Irony Award:

…not only did the Writer’s Strike probably help save Jesse Pinkman survive through…

Looking further down the line i predict titles with the names Walt and Gus.

Better Call Saul: Walt makes a guest appearance

Better Call Saul: Gus and Saul meet for the first time

Seems a few chosen comments have been purged. Or have they been moved? Moderator’s discretion i s’pose.

Interesting. That has happened after I flagged the article to take my complaint to the moderators because I can see Gus and Walt spoilers happening in the title.

What’s interesting is that in the complaint I said to refer to the comments section for more information. Now there is no information! Not very “boingboing” like…

I imagine this comment wont last the distance.

It’s bizarre isn’t it, i’ve seen that happen before and i still don’t understand it. I know it’s not our sandpit but it’s like… ‘There’s no comment here and there was never a comment here, citizen. Move along, please.’

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