Trailer out for The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

My partner watched it for the first time perhaps two years ago, and loved it. But it depends on what you consider a “good” movie to be, I suppose (story vs visuals vs characters vs …)

I think that will also inform whether or not this is a “good” series - what one considers “good” about Dark Crystal, and whether or not they kept that aspect in the series.


It’s okay to be wrong.

I had the pleasure of seeing a 35mm screening of it locally in a packed theater filled with kids (many of whom raised their hands when the manager said “who here has never seen this?”) and they jumped and laughed and gasped and squealed in all the right spots.

It’s a masterpiece of puppeteering and craftsmanship.


My kid first saw it a few years back as a tween and still loved it; maybe what you get out is whatever you put in.


Loads of violence. Very little wonder.

I’ll pass.

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Well very very average at best. As a WoW player the most fun I got out of the film were the Skeksis, to which the Arakkoa are an obvious homage.

Have you watched the series yet?

Trailer designed to excite people and highlight the biggest setpieces in the series deemed too exciting by some, film at 11.


“No pod people were harmed in the making of this trailer…OK maybe a couple…of villages”

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