The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

What does everybody think? My family is on episode 4 and we absolutely love it. For me, It took an episode getting used to because it does feel different than the film. Much more information is thrown at you than the movie.

Please use spoiler tags as appropriate!

My fire-emoji take is, don’t come to it for a great story (It’s sort of just-okay; class and race issues boiled down until digestible for tweens). There are some moments where the writing shines, but mostly it’s an out-and-out spectacle of virtuoso work in like twenty different art forms. Amazing creature and set design. I’m not a connoisseur, but the voice acting and puppetry seems damn good too. Mark Hamill and Simon Pegg!

Just rewatched the original in preparation.

Really a technical achievement for 1982 that I never appreciated as a kid.

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It’s brilliant.

To me, it feels like not only a natural extension of the movie, but the grand expansion of its mythology that it has always deserved. The writing, puppeteering, visuals, music, voice work… it’s been frankly astonishingly good.

I agree. The mythology was always something that you had to learn more about through Brian Froud interviews, comics, and things like that. All of a sudden we get a semi-LotR level of the past we’ve been trying to piece together for nearly 40 years.

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