Trailer: Take a peek at Barack and Michelle Obama's first film, American Factory

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Spoiler alert: At the end of the film, America is great again.




Seems like a loosing proposition for the Chinese factory owners. They have a much higher labor cost here than they do in China. What did they plan to do to overcome that? Doesn’t look like much.

Car manufacturers want parts to arrive on a just in time basis, which isn’t possible from the other side of the Pacific Ocean.


But are they producing cars, or car parts for other makers? I thought they were making cars.

In either case it does not mean they have to have their production here - it means they have to have inventory here.

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Fuyao make automotive glass (windscreens and windows). Presumably they decided that making glass products in the US would be cheaper than importing them and warehousing them at their own expense.


sounds like they were wrong

I dunno. . . those guys didn’t look like they were loosening up to me.

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Aye, this misspelling is one of the things that really bugs me for some reason, almost as much as getting “its” and “it’s” wrong. It’s like we spend all this time hammering out an agreement as to what “lose” and “loose” are, only to have it tossed overboard.

So can we just agree that “loose” is an antonym of “tight”, and “lose” is an antonym of “win”?

As for the movie, I shall check it out this weekend. Assuming Netflix also will be releasing it on their European markets as well.

I think this is at least partially caused by spell check. I’ve noticed on ads for apartments the word quite instead of “quiet” with such regularity that I wondered if there was a new use for that word.

It only just occurred to me that two of Michael Keaton’s early comedic hits had him cast as an employee of a struggling American car company. They could have easily pitched Gung Ho as a sequel to Mr. Mom.


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