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The topic “Unicorn Chasers 2” is a continuation of a discussion from a previous thread (🌈 Unicorn Chasers 🌈 (Part 1)). This conversation showcases various images and videos, presenting endearing pictures of animals, including multiple pictures of cats, a loon carrying a chick, a duckling parade, and a fox family. Additionally, there is a happy little smile video and one of a mischievous cat licking a watermelon to make it look like a cat-bat. The topic also features other images, such as an owl melting in direct sunlight, a cat purrito, and various artsy captures of birds. Some recent entries include a video of a baby hippo following its caretaker, evidence that Scottish carvers create detailed sculptures, and an advice animal meme with the quote, “Good human” by Twitter user @_B___S.

The users engaged in the discussion include Milliefink, Melizmatic, FGD135, NukeML, and Nightflyer, with each making multiple contributions to the collection of adorable images. Some users have been unwell, but they still contribute to the thread; for instance, Milliefink recently had plague-like symptoms and is taking it easy, posting uplifting images for others. A participant also shared their experiences of having a spirit animal nearby.

Cat Monster, Void, Lovecraftian