Training skydive goes wrong on landing

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Oh boy! An airplane ride and a helicopter ride on the same day? Nice.


Ouch indeed :exclamation:

Looks kind of like a flare to a stall at a bad altitude.

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Yes. The canopy wasn’t level for long enough before she started her flare (compare to the skydiver just previous in the video). She might have panicked when she thought she had less altitude in which to correct than she actually did. Hope she came out of it OK.


Actually, that was a pond swoop gone wrong. Not a training skydive, that was a high-performance elliptical parachute controlled by a very experienced jumper. Pond swooping is fun when done right (search Youtube for them), and can be fatal when there canopy pilot bails out of the turn too low.

More people die under perfectly good parachutes nowadays, versus due to a malfunction.


I was assuming it was a training skydive gone wrong, but I can definitely see the scenario you describe happening if it was an experienced person instead.


…office staff hope she clearly signed the release of liability.

Trust me, no one gets a ride up w/out that part being well-documented first, and probably in triplicate or more.

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Reminds me of an old BBS sign-off (from modem days):

If at first you don’t succeed…
Skydiving is not for you


Wait, what? I thought “Any landing you walk away from is a good landing.”
Okay, maybe there is no walking in this.

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I don’t think those were trained medical/rescue professionals because they yanked her out of the water without first supporting/securing her spinal column using a back board.


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