Transforming Xenomorph ring/brass knuckles


Violence might not be an attractive option but should one ever need to strike someone else then a pair of knuckle guards isn’t silly at all. My winter gloves have reinforced hardened knuckle plates (I take public transit and my city has had an increase of aggressive young street-toughs who have accosted me on a number of occasions and I may not always be able to de-escalate such a confrontation).

Gloves, like mine, are probably a better practical option as they have the advantage of not being illegal is some places or even suspect, plus they keep my hands warm, and they keep me from getting infected should I get lacerated on some tweeker’s teeth.

A Xeno’s head might be a bit harder to conceal.

heh, yep, I came here to post something to the effect of “If you’ve ever been hit by a set of brass knuckles, you’ll agree there’s not much ‘silly’ about them at all”. That said, agreed on all points that modern ‘entry’ gloves (with hard plating) are entirely more practical, useful and (Alton Brown would be proud!) most importantly, not a unitasker.

I would totally punch Predator right in the mouth with these…

Brass knuckles and the law

As Leslie points out, knucks are illegal in most places. But every fight I’ve ever been in (as an adult) has been in a dojo, where hand wraps are required, and sometimes boxing gloves. Because a pair of knuckle guards isn’t silly at all.

Yeah, I note the illegality as well and that’s why I like the armored/hardened glove option. Plus you can just basically go about your business of holding things, carrying coffee, smoking, whatever.

Possessing these will land you in jail in Massachusetts, by the way.

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