Translucent backlit fruit slices as fine art

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These are really beautiful. I love holding up orange wedges up to the light and looking through. The way the little juice pods connect to the center veins via tiny little tubules is sci-fi AF. These look like stained glass windows from a church I would definitely join (this would create a schism between me and my wife, though, as she’s strictly a savory produce gal…).


How would you raise the children?


Well, that’s no longer in the subjunctive, and let’s just say the pious and severe Council of Brussels[sprouts] is relegating the Hedonistic Fruitarians to the outskirts of town…


As the greatest of artists are named never is there any doubt that mother nature in her magical methods is number one. You got it, Mama!

Interesting. There is a young woman on Youtube/Instagram who does similar if not exactly the same types of paintings. She has schizophrenia and she is really good. I’d have to go and see what her name is but I wonder who copied who or if this is just semo genre of art that is taking the fruit stands by storm.

I Kinda feel like… this person just gets high and takes a picture of thier fruit slices…

Looks better than most of what I saw in MFA school. We used to half-jokingly say, “Art is what you can get away with.” I’d say he got away with it quite well, cause I’m a licensed artist so I would know.

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