Transparent hotel room hanging from side of mountain


Yosemite in that pic, but true Baffin Island, etc… Part of the fun is getting there of course.


you can sleep in a transparent bedroom hanging off the side of a mountain above Peru’s Sacred Valley of the Incas.

Maybe you can.


It may be the beer talking at this hour, but I feel compelled to defend my word choice. My Webster’s New World Dictionary defines assure as “to make (a person) sure of something; convince”. They’re certainly attempting to convince me that the exit portal has been located for my safety. (Of course, whether I feel assured or not is quite another matter.)

Agreed that insuring would be a good bet in this situation. In my case, however, admiring it from afar will bring the greater contribution to my somnolency.

Then there’s the whole issue of calling this thing a “craft”. Again to my trusty dictionary: “boat, ship, or aircraft”. What do they have in common? Those things all move. I dearly hope this particular vessel does NOT move.


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