Transparent hotel room hanging from side of mountain

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I ordered room service 3 days ago. Service here sucks!


So you have in room WiFi?


Of course! We’re not heathens for God’s sake!


How many ways can i say “nope” to this? Because nope.


They would have to pay me a lot more than $300 a night to stay in that thing.
Wait… people pay them to stay there? Hah! Nooooooooooooope.


Were I to stay there, sleep would NOT be part of the package. Night terrors, yes. Relaxing REM sleep, not so much.

Let me get this straight. We’re talking about sleeping in a pod attached to a wall 400 meters up,right? And they are assuring my safety with the careful placement of the exit portal?

Let’s see, 400 meters, 9.8 m/s2 … yeah, let’s just admit that the location of the exit portal is just not my primary concern.

For around $300/night, you can sleep in a transparent bedroom hanging off the side of a mountain above Peru’s **Sacred** Valley of the Incas.
Is the word "sacred" part of the common name, or is the valley considered sacred by the local tribe? Hanging tourist boxes off the side of the cliff to observe the sacred valley seems a touch out of place, if *sacred*.


Jesus fucking christ on a stick up a tree, copywriter. The computer I’m typing on was lovingly handcrafted by miners choosing only the finest earthcrafted rocks…


They are neither ensuring nor assuring your safety, so insuring it seems judicious.


Common name; it’s also called the Urubamba Valley. Given the elevation and transparent walls of the “hotel rooms”, I’m thinking that the Scared Valley would be slightly more appropriate.


For around $300/night, you can sleep in a transparent bedroom hanging off the side of a mountain above Peru’s Sacred Valley of the Incas.

Alternatively, you can pay them twice that amount to sleep NOWHERE NEAR IT. Genius pricing scheme.


I am so down with not having tourist traps in sacred valleys. That’s just wrong. There must be other places 400 meters off the ground that could work, no?

It’s all going to end in tears when a heavy rock lands on that exit portal.

From the video, there’s a fairly active road right beneath you. I had more privacy in my Silicon Valley canyon apartment.

$300 buys a lot of NyQuil.

For about 90 bucks more you can buy one of these and put it where you want.

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For Icarus’ sake! Yeah, you’re not afraid of heights. Got it. No need to flaunt it so hard.

Well for one, that’s not me. It does seem like a more economic use of money and perhaps more fun though.

Not you, mind. I was speaking generally to the photo model and the sort of person who would want this in their life.

One man’s fun can be another’s sanity-sucking nightmare.

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usually only used on multi-day climbs, so you see this in places like Yosemite.

although, i bet you could hang one from a tree and have an awesome fort.