Robot-staffed "Weird Hotel" in Japan unveiled today

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I wouldn’t sleep very well knowing that thing is downstairs mumbling to it’s self all night long…

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Among all these service industry jobs, you would have assumed bed making would have been the first task to go to the machines, but then you see PR2 try to fold clothes…

Not dissimilar to most hotels I can afford…

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I guess the robot at the front desk is novel but there are plenty of automated hotels where you never interact with anyone. Omena Hotels in Europe has been that way since they started years ago.

The email you a code the day before you arrive. it only works from 4pm the day you arrive. There’s no one to talk to. There’s a kiosk with an automated phone that will call their remote call center if you pick it up. That’s it

At $80 per night, and no tips, it seems like quite the bargain for Japan.

Ok- 1. in most of if not all of Japan, tips are strange. It’s not done. One of the nice things
about living there is you don’t have to worry about them. There is usually a small amount of
your bill that has that built in.

  1. Cheap in Japan is ~30$ a night. 80 is still kinda cheapish, kinda. Cheapest way to stay in Japan was roughly 3000 yen circa 2006, so about 10 years ago… probably maybe 1000 yen higher now, but roughly 40$ at that. Go to a major sporting goods store anywhere in Japan- and you can sign up for the youth hostel network. No, you don’t have to be young. There are thousands of hostels around Japan, and they are the cheapest places to stay. Some are highly awesome, like the one near Moto-Hakone in the Hakone-Odawara region, with it’s own hotspring.

Japan is only expensive if you think Tokyo rates or fancy hotels are the norm. There are places just as cheap as here- and they aren’t all bad. Learn to ride the JR local lines, and stay in youth hostels- and you can travel cheap as hell.


I would prefer completely unmanned to creepy animatronics, sorry robots, any day.

Yup, tips are like the imperial units, they aren’t very common outside of USA or used at all.

I guess most civilised countries believe your employer, rather than your employer’s customers, should pay your wages. Dirty rotten communists the lot of 'em.

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Me: Hi, I’d like one room…
Bot: Brooms are not provided to hotel customers, sir.
Me: No, no, just a room for the night, ple…
Bot: A shoeshine ticket is $40, your credit card will be charged immediately.
Bot: Reservations at Tattershall’s Castle have been placed for you next week. Is there anything else you need?
Me: weeping No thank you, that’s fine.
Bot: I understand. Please note that our customer service line wait times are currently…45 minutes. I’ll connect you now.


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“World famous since the day we opened,
The Dosadin-Glup robotnik welcomes you.
I am here to take your luggage–
Order me and I’ll help you!”

Is it possible to get one of the receptionists to pay ya a visit when their shift is over?

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