Japan's "Weird Hotel," staffed by robots, in a Japanese theme-park

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a robot arm stores and retrieves personal items from the guest lockers…

What’s the worst that can happen?




“World famous since the day we opened,
The Dosadan-GIup Robotnik welcomes you.
I am here to take your luggage —
Order me and I’ll help you!”

This was sung in a rich contralto voice to the accompaniment of a 200 piece brass band; a standard recording of all the Robotnik hotels. I hated it.

(Harry Harrison, The Stainless Steel Rat’s Revenge)

Also, this is a repeat.


You’ve got that backwards.

While a hotel staffed by robots seems like a lot of fun, I think the real future of accommodations automation is likely to be the albergo diffuso (dispersed hotel) model combined with the Internet smart lock and uberized housekeeping. It’s a model I’ve wanted to do a practical demonstration of for some time, but which only a few friends in the P2P community seem to grasp.

I havent read those in more than 30 years, I really should revisit Harrison!

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