Transparent refurbished Super Nintendo consoles


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Just the thing for prison!


from cosmetically-damaged originals.

That would be most of them. The SNES and its plastics do not age well at all.

This is lovely, though. I love electronics with clear cases even when there’s nothing mechanical inside. The cartridge alone is a work of art. The SNES is particularly lovely and I like how they completely redesigned the case for this.

Wonderful stuff.


You can’t fool me, those are Apple prototypes!



It’s cool, but they’re just so… rectangular.


Would love to see this done to an AMIGA, i still have an A1200 that i would love to re-case.


Thank you for saving me the trouble. I knew it was “Something spelled with a number” - ite.


Retr0bright isn’t necessarily a good idea. It doesn’t do anything to keep plastic from yellowing again and there’s pretty good evidence that it causes it to become brittle.


I didn’t like transparent electronics before, and while this is NICER and has been made with the transparency in mind, nope, still ugly.


Fuh-huh-huh-huh-huuuck the clear one.




Seems to me there have been several reasonably successful attempts now to improve on various components of the NES (particularly the troublesome cart connector and the Picture Processing Unit, which is not normally capable of outputting RGB), but I am left with the impression that people are generally happy to leave the innards of the SNES just the way they are.


Boxy, but good!

(Or: I’ll bet this would be a good place to use a 3D printer.)


Actually, yes, it IS.


Good thing they’re artisanal, cause they’re gonna go for 950 bucks at the commissary. Paid for with $ .37 per hour wages.


And/or money your family/friends put on your books, which is quite common.


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