Trapping Africa's animals — on camera


Stalk them and photograph them and then vanish into the night, as a way of saying, “We know where you live. We can get to you at any time. Shame if something bad happened to those cute cubs.”

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Nobody is stalking them. The cameras are set up with no humans around and are triggered by heat and motion. And the research is part of how we understand animal ecosystems and conservation, so I’m not really clear why you think this is threatening.

They are currently running an indiegogo effort to keep their project going and replace broken cameras and such:

And if you would like to help with their citizen science they still have several months of photos that need categorizing and you can help:

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I’m sorry Maggie. I was kidding. Clearly, it didn’t work.

Caption: “5 dollars? What, are they crazy?”

“But mom, you said I could have a gazelle pop if I was good!”


Ah, I’m an idiot. My apologies!

Boing Boing is hiring idiots now? Sweet - here comes a resume!

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