Trash-talking chess player's ass handed to him by 16-year-old

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  1. EEEFFFFF that guy who lost.
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If you’ve never watched the chess hustlers in Washington Square Park, this may seem strange, but trash-talking speed chess is a bit of a tradition there. For my money, losing a couple of $10 matches there is a far more entertaining (and cheaper) way to spend a New York afternoon than the bars.


It seems this guy has been shown on YT before. Just search for “chess trash talker”, a few results will show his bald head, uploaded by the same user, going as far back as 3 years ago. Each time he gets “owned” by a chess prodigy. It must be a shtick to get views, it’s on YT.




Apparently the famous Trump Gambit doesn’t work in actual chess, either.


Kudos to the Kid for Keeping his Kool! That is a skill many adults do not develop.

He’s a chess jabroni?

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I specifically avoided that word for obvious reasons, also it didn’t fit.

My post and following thread got deleted, which in retrospect is appropriate.

I was having a down moment (all the current U.S. events) and have also had a couple of regular reads come to an end. And I was wondering what my timeline was for my visits to BB to progress from a daily to a weekly to even less frequent reads. Hence the “sad”, or maybe more accurately sorry for myself. Clearly not on topic.

I should have listened to that nagging feeling my post was not one to post.

BB team’s ship to sail, ultimately I am thankful for the shared experience.

Yeah, I was off topic.
.gif added to my collection, thanks

Both sides played poorly. White hung a rook at the end, and Nf6 was inferior to Rf6

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