Trashtalking in chess

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The trash talking is I think quite effective as white is winning throughout, but keeps falling back or missing stronger moves. It’s not fear or nerve. The trash talking is making white (the kid in the hoodie) want to deal a killing blow that isn’t there. For example, he goes for the black king at 4:20 in hopes of a quick finish rather than simply forking queen and rook with Nc7, an obvious move which would leave the trash-talker in a hopeless but boring position that’s no fun for either player.

That guy’s video game villain voice is a refined product and they should have him commentating GM games.


Really like the post-game analysis at the end of the video.

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Watching tough-talking goofballs like this in Washington Square Park was always good for 15 minutes of entertainment. If these trash-talkers were the geniuses they fancied themselves to be they’d put out a tip jar.


A street chess mod in GTA 5 could be cool. Trash talking street chess with a bit of the old ultraviolence.


There’s trash talk in chess? That’s odd. I’d never really followed it, but I guess it makes sense. As much as anything does anymore.


I guess this guy is famous for his mouth, I googled his name and it’s always preceded by “Trash Talker.”

Wow, I never knew John Malkovich was such an ass in real life!

This sounds like the world’s worst time. I mean, I could stay home and have assholes trash-talking me in video games.

I’d prefer to have fun if I were out playing a game. This is my idea of “please just go drown yourself”.


Fairly tame trash talk, and pretty good-natured.


This article describes what I imagine is some real trash talk. No examples given though.

I had to skip to 8:13 for Trash Talker’s defeat.

I’ll have to send this to my chess coach friend!

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Yeah, several compliments early and no flip out when he loses. It’s a schtick…and pretty entertaining at that. I call this Kind of personality The lovable SOB. My father-in-law inspired the moniker.

There is a game between “Boston Mike” and “Brooklyn Dave”-- they appear to know each other well, trash talking the whole time.

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I haven’t seen many chess games but i am aware that trash talking during chess isn’t out of the ordinary. Big part of it is a mind game and it’s a tactic that has been done in anything competitive, i regularly see it in video games and if you can get an opponent to tilt or get impatient often that’s enough to secure a win even if they’re better than you. You just have to be aware of your unconscious and conscious feelings/reactions when encountering someone like this, more so if they’re in your face about it but being aware that it is a psychological play and how to manage yourself goes a long way. Being able to poke back at the other player also takes a good degree of skill and performance.

I’ve been watching the channel for a while. The trash talking is all good-natured fooling around. The regulars devote a fair amount of their time playing young people. Looks pretty rough if one doesn’t know the background.

So vicious and yet so good natured at the same time. I love it.

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