Treasure hunters find $1 million in 1715 shipwreck

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Historically that really sounds cool. I’m not impressed by the one million dollars. (im trying very hard to refrain from making austin powers referenced here) I bet you could waste that much searching for and recovering an old ship…


“Unfortunately, they didn’t make it,”… are they… dead? (any mark twain nerds will get my reference)

How is this legal? They have looted and pillaged a historic ship wreck. It should have been an archaeological site, not an independent contractors booty! But America has always played loosey-goosey with maritime laws in this regard. This should be in a museum, not private citizens. Bah!

We’re very respectful of the people who lost their lives in these shipwrecks

That is debatable. Some may view this a grave robbing.

From the Wiki on shipwrecks:

Historic wrecks (often but not always defined as being more than 50 years of age) are often protected from pillaging and looting through national laws protecting cultural heritage.[17] Internationally they may be protected by a State ratifying the Unesco Convention on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage. In this case pillaging is not allowed. One such example is the Queen Anne’s Revenge[18] which is undergoing archaeological recovery by the North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources near Beaufort Inlet, NC. The infamous pirate Blackbeard’s flagship[19] was discovered by Intersal, Inc., a private research firm, in 1996.[20]

An important international convention aiming at the protection of underwater cultural heritage (including shipwrecks) is the Convention on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage.[21] The 2001 UNESCO Convention on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage represents the international community’s response to the increasing looting and destruction of underwater cultural heritage. It forms part of a group of UNESCO standard setting instruments regarding the domain of cultural heritage, encompassing seven conventions adopted by UNESCO Member States, which constitute a coherent and complementary body guaranteeing a complete protection of all forms of cultural heritage.

The UNESCO 2001 Convention is an international treaty aimed exclusively at the protection of underwater cultural heritage and the facilitation of international cooperation in this regard. It does not change sovereignty rights of States or regulate the ownership of wrecks or submerged ruins.


How much of the gold will Spain try to claim is theirs despite it being stolen South American gold?

I for one love all of the ‘woo-hoo!’ noises this gentleman can make whilst his mouth is eating a scuba device.

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Well after deducting the government’s cut and operating expenses they should have enough to treat the entire crew to a happy meal.

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“We’re able to continue their story on by continuing to bring these artifacts up.” … that they will sell on Ebay for bookoo money.

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