Treasure-hunting diver finds a phone and returns it to its owner


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What a nice guy!


It’s not a GoPro commercial! Honest!


An acquaintance at work lost his phone while kayaking on the Potomac at Harper’s ferry. something like 6 months later somebody found the phone near Fort Washington. That was a fairly long journey that involved floating over Great Falls and the phone still worked (after it was charged up) I was telling him that he should write a testimonial to the makers of the phone case. I can’t remember whether it was an otter or a pelican.


or they could be inside playing video games…hmmm…


If anything I’d say it’s a commercial for that case!


His enthusiasm for each find, big or small, is delightful.


I have a similar case, and they’re great.


that was the best thing about the video to me, really, was how he’d yell WHOOHOOOOO! for even pennies, haha.


I know. I’ve never been so happy over someone else finding 25 cents.


There’s no mention of his location anywhere I can find. The terrain looks like the South East and there’s a shot of him in front of what looks like orange trees (well, bushes) but Florida is flat and not really rocky from what I’ve seen so I’m going to say South Carolina.
Cool video.


He sounded vaguely Canadian to me.


The thumbnail of the video where he finds the loaded gun he appears to be wearing some kind of glove, but when little flaps on the fingertips so his fingertips are exposed. Seems like a really important part of the glove to be wearing when you pull and gun out of a river…


He did not have a southern accent at all. But then again, neither does Stephen Colbert. But I guess he could be from anywhere, maybe he was traveling. But the rocks look like limestone, which is what the SE is built out of. Not positive about Canada but I don’t think so? The rocks I’ve seen in Ontario don’t look that way.

I couldn’t really see if these were really oranges or what

but comparing to an image-searched pic of orange trees, I’m pretty sure they’re oranges, which would make this river in Not-Canada, at least.

Anyway, I just thought the area was beautiful and was frustrated that it doesn’t say where it is, but I get that the uploader not wanting to mention it makes sense.


“Arizona-based scuba diver Dallas” This might be a clue, if you go back and read the very first sentence.


aw, man, I was way off!


“A body part, WHOOHOOO!”

Mad props for hiking with a scuba tank.


Says his location in the video text description.

edit: oops late on the trigger


I scanned all the text on the description and in his channel profile but somehow I missed that. Gettin old…


Give that phone to the kid on the plane, that’ll shut him up.