Tree serial killer on loose in Oregon

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They formed a task force to find which one among their ranks is doing this.


It’s a cultists “owning the libs”.


At first I parsed that as a serial killer who is a tree and was a bit ‘WTF?’ - then I realised it was a serial tree killer.

more than 700 trees over the last year

Kind of surprising not to have caught the culprit if they are doing of the order of 2 trees a day on average.

I’m a lumberjack who cuts by stealth
It’s bad for Oregon’s environmental health


“It’s a very strange crime to continue to do when you don’t have any gain from it,” she said.

She was stumped.


You can take the light rail Blue Line from downtown Portland to Gresham!

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Check for someone who would have an improved view from their house

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The offender’s behaviour needs a full root and branch overhaul.


here’s a non paywall version

it looks like although the springwater corridor is more than 40 miles long, the section with the felled trees is just a mile or two… still that’s a lot of space for a forested area.

The Gresham Lumberjack has been at it since last August. To date, close to 100 trees within a mile and a half stretch of the trail have been destroyed, causing over $100,000 in damages by necessitating restoration efforts.

in theory, the us averages 24,000 ish trees per square kilometer – so maybe 9,000 ish per square mile.


If you’re eating at Olive Garden in Gresham, you’re doing it wrong. Hit up Nicholas or Spinellas or Local Cow…hell, those are all within a block of each other!

Contrary to popular belief, there are some nice things out that way :slight_smile:


Time to deploy an army of these guys.

I don’t want to be wearing that when the tree killer gets near.


“Won’t somebody think of the Ents?”

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