Trendwatch: fat camp for obese pets


Some of the before & after shots are pretty impressive.


So we should be feeding dog food to the homeless? Is that the message being made here?


“FYI, thousands of human beings remain homeless and/or hungry in America.”

This irks me to no end. Yes, there are homeless and starving people everywhere in the world. There is a lot that can be done to help them. However pets are subjected to cruelty, and many are just in households with ignorant owners that don’t know any better. These pets can’t decide for themselves to have a healthy lifestyle. They are captive to the habits and whims of their human companions. Making the comparison between unhealthy pets and the homeless/starving seems not only stupid, it’s misleading and does not help anyone.

I guess every time i have a problem with something or some cause i’ll just blurt out something about the homeless.

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No, my understanding is that they are suggesting that the fat pets should be fed to them rather than sending the pets to a frivolous weight camp.




So overfeeding with food optimized solely for supply chain logistics is bad for other species, too? Huh.


Much of what is making pets fat is the same thing that is making people fat: convenience. Many pet owners pour their cat or dog a giant serving of dry food so the pet can graze all day without bothering the person. These portions are often several days worth of food ! Not only is the dry food heavy on carbs, the excess weight and sedentary lifestyle of the people contribute to things like chronic dehydration, constipation and mega-colon in the pet.

People are now used to having access to convenience foods 24/7 so they also graze non-stop, like their pet(s) as opposed to cooking a healthy meal, with portion control.

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What good will pointing it in your eyes, do, AnonKopimi ?

Thank you for posting that video, it is the unofficial mascot of Otakon’s Photosuite! We place it all the time! :slight_smile:

NO - point it in YOUR eyes. Does ME a world of good.

No, it means even some of us pet owners have enough humanity and compassion (and intelligence) to realize there is something screwed up with: 1. Over feeding your pets and under-exercising them. 2. Having your priorities screwed up Obviously you missed the point on both.

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