Trendy Butler - anybody heard of it?

$65 a month for a box of… clothes “worth $150 !!!” designed to create a complete wardrobe (over multiple months of member$hip.

I suppose if I were in my 20s and making good coding dollars and completely inept at shopping this might be a great idea. I do hit one of those conditions, however…

@japhroaig et alia - whaddya think?

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I wonder if there’s an opportunity here to start a Hipster Butler where you start a service to ship boxes of clothes from Goodwill to people for $75 a month.


No referral code?

Sounds a bit like that one that sponsors podcasts -Trunk Club?

(Edit - okay, Trunk Club is for rich people, by the looks of it)

I think that this site misses one of the most important bits about style: having clothes that fit properly.

I understand that they’re not sending out bespoke clothing, but I’d feel a lot more confident if they asked for things like collar size, inseam, etc.


Shouldn’t trendybutler be more concerned about what food and alcohol to send to you, while trendyvalet sends you your clothes?


Unfortunately, people now associate “valet” with cars more than clothes.



Poor people don’t spend thousands on clothes?


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I admit that I hate shopping, and I like the idea of having a “stylist” pick something out for me. That said, I just did a massive “kondo” of my closet and I really appreciate having a lot less clothing. Even to the point where I think I might even get rid of some more. Maybe having a couple of things shipped every month would be a good way to get some fresh things in the collection, but I think I’d probably end up sending most things back.

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Can I exchange an item?

Of course! We allow you to exchange one item per package for style issues (if you simply don’t like it), and exchange any item for sizing issues. Don’t forget to log into your account dashboard to update your style profile accordingly so your stylist can serve you better. Please note that exchanges are not for a refund but for replacement credit.

Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately we do not offer refunds on packages, items, nor on charges made for your monthly payments unless there was a serious error on our part and we are unable to fix it within a reasonable amount of time. You can however cancel at anytime without penalty or fee, and if you aren’t happy with what you received we also have our awesome exchange policy. We aren’t the cable company after all.

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Wow. So you can’t even send both items back, and at most you’ll get an exchange credit? I think I’ll stick to shopping for myself.

I’d hit that.






should this be cross-posted in the Egyptian Jesus thread?

Seriously. That’s an incredible idea.

You don’t live anywhere near me, do you.


I know a guy in PA who’d be PERFECT for this.

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From Quora: <a href=>Is there a cheaper alternative to Trunk Club?

@nemomen, I don’t see your Hipster Butler store listed anywhere in there…

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I’ll be happy to let others pursue that one. I’m working on a Hedgie Butler bundle, a monthly box with a hedgehog T-shirt (Urchin Wear), a signed hedgehog photo from a hedgehog celebrity (a very well known one), a selection of high quality cat food and insect parts, a toy/cuddle sack/hedgie accessor), and one mystery gift (probably a discarded quill, but you never know, so keep that subscription going) all of the low price of $85 a month.


I might just take advantage of that ShirtCycle business. Two boxes of four (because of the extra shipping, they ship them in fours to Canada) plus the current contents of my closet would probably have me set for two weeks in shirts that actually fit properly.

It’s too bad TrendyButler doesn’t do custom-fit shirts; if they did, I would almost certainly be onboard.


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