Trevor Noah on Atlanta spa mass shooting: "Don't tell me this had nothing to do with race"

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I’m not going to, unfortunately there’s a bunch of (mostly white) people who won’t listen to reason, logic or facts.


Oh wait for it, the GQP/KKKpublicans machine is just ramping up. The next few weeks we will see the mental back flips, the pretzel logic go through the roof.


Damn. That this needs to be said is so messed up



It’s so pathetic that a huge portion of our society—apparently including Atlanta law enforcement—are so quick to take an actual mass murderer at his word when he says he isn’t racist but won’t take a woman at her word when she says she was sexually assaulted.


The guy who said this was from Cherokee county, so it’s a whiter, more racist force (the APD has it’s own problems with systemic racism, even though the force is majority black). But you’re going to get more obvious forms of spoken racism by departments OTP.


For the people claiming it was “sexual addiction”, that may have played a role in the motivation, but so did racism as one can clearly see by the victims. ETA - Ah, finished listening, that was Noah’s point.


Right? It’s not either or and it’s not rocket surgery here.


“Who could have predicted this tragedy? Anyone who was looking at it.”

Reminds me of Stephen Colbert’s statement on the evening of January 6th: “Who could have seen this coming? Only everybody.”

Noah, like Colbert and the immortal Jon Stewart, has an uncanny talent for expressing anger in eloquence. I hope that his words are spread far and wide.

“Do something.”

I’m taking this one to heart.


because they are so true…:frowning:


“America is a rich tapestry of mass shooting motivations.”


Is generally just cover for conservative repression and shame:

I just began his autobiography, Born a Crime, which is like an extended version of his standup special Lost in Translation. When he was first announced as Stewart’s replacement I wasn’t quite sure how he was selected. He seemed funny enough, but… meh? Over the years I have become really taken with how he can overlay the horrors of his childhood to empathize with oppressed people, which is exactly what Stewart excelled at. We are lucky to have him.


Born a Crime is great - my wife and I listened to part of his autobiography on a road trip. All the more powerful since he’s the one reading it.

Your description of Trevor Noah growing on you is quite similar to my experience. And, believe it or not, I had a similar experience with Jon Stewart when he took over the Daily Show: Stewart’s first few years just weren’t very good, because he was trying to fill the void left by Craig Kilborn, who is a very different individual. It took him a while to hit his stride.

I hope that Noah realizes Stewart-like heights as he continues to grow into his position. God knows we need people like them rn.


Precisely. It’s totally fair to say that Stewart created the Daily Show we see now. That he knew Trevor Noah would be the ideal successor makes me respect him that much more.

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Seconded, or thirded. I read that on vacation a couple years back, really a great, inspiring read.


Some of the comments here reminded me of this case from a couple years ago, when the owner of the Patriots sports ball team got busted for soliciting prostitution at a massage parlor:

At first, it was largely reported as a sex-trafficking story, which appears to have been disproved in later reporting like the Rolling Stones article.
I’m not posting this in any way to imply that all women working at massage parlors are sex workers, but because the way the courts handled this case in particular is yet another case study of our classist, racist “justice” system at work.
The rich white guy got off (in both senses of the word), the workers at the parlor were fined thousands.


Ok good.

Just so long as you are assuming that based on the look of the place and the race of the owners and staff.

Rather than say, the detailed reporting and actual information showing that several of the locations were listed on Rubmaps and other sex work forums. But that others were not, and there’s otherwise little indication that those particular targets had any connections to sex work.

It’s totally impossible that the shooter likewise made assumptions about these places based on the look of them and race of the owners or staff.

So we are totally OK to do that without bothering to look into it at all.


super troopers yes GIF by Fox Searchlight


I would say “The shooter is being allowed to claim…”. Why are police and the rest of us repeating his self-stated “motive?” His words sure sound like those of someone trying to get away from added charges.


It was my impression that police liked talkative defendants.

I think they do, but they seem to be really selective about what they then release to the press.