Trippy and Freakout music videos


Created this for trippy and freakout music videos / music!

Here’s “Clock DVA - Sensual Engine” NSFW

and "Funkadelic -Maggot Brain"


excellent thread


There’s really only one correct answer to this question

Fairly NSFW. Actually pretty NSFW. Just NSFW.


That’s not trippy, that’s romantic!

This find… is just a bit out there:


promise this to be trippy, but not so freakout, sorry for the head credits, just skip…



Well I have a whole channel for that. It’s called the Acid Jazz Channel.


I’d say most Tool videos would fit in well here.


This is one of my favorite videos. Maybe it’s a little subtle.


old skool

slightly older skool

oh yeah, I went there.

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