Trippy animated zoom video makes everything you see in the real world recede

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Can we apply this theory to the Trump campaign?

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You can experience this effect in real life without a computer monitor. Ride your bike at speed for about an hour. Get off and stare straight ahead or at the ground.

Similar to the post-Guitar Hero effect, except that is on just one axis.


Amazing! I kept expecting Alien to pop out.

There is no “red shift”. Cosmology is a motion after-effect.

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Looks like a Jim Woodring dream.

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Waterfall effect!

waterfall after-effect
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after-effect, waterfall
Observation of a movement in the opposite direction when fixating a stationary object, after having looked at a waterfall for some time. This is an example of phenomena that are used to infer the existence of channels in the visual system. It is suggested that there are two opposed directionally sensitive neural channels (or neurons) which are normally in balance for stationary stimuli, but when the activity of one channel is fatigued by prolonged stimulation, the other one becomes the active one. The waterfall after-effect is a special case of motion or movement after-effect (or motion after-image). Syn. waterfall effect; waterfall illusion. See channel; Plateau’s

You might experience this to a lesser degree when driving on the freeway to a lesser degree.

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