Trucker held 35,000 lbs of frozen chicken "to ransom"


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35,000 lb of rotten chicken meat. That stinks.


Gus is going to be pretty mad.


That’s $2.29 per pound… This must have been organic or something other than the local house brand chicken, because that’s as much as I pay retail.

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Or the company inflated the price for bigger insurance.

That was the estimated street value.


In the same week, at the same store, I see the same brands of chicken going for anywhere from $1.50/lb to $6.99/lb. Not sure what the wholesale prices are.

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well, the value should include the opportunity costs and penalties for default. if someone is depending on a shipment of (whatever) by tomorrow and they don’t get it, it will cost them more than just the commodity price. i suspect that the transport contract includes penalties taking this into account.

Dear god, I bet that smells so horrible. I’d burn the whole thing. There is no way that it would be worth trying to clean that trailer. Maybe save the tires,


That’s all you need to make the mother of all crab traps.


James Bond will return in “For Your Nuggets Only”

Should be “Man plays chicken with 35,000lbs of frozen poultry”


A truck full of rotten meat makes me think of this:

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Huh… That’s funny. It makes me both think of and feel like this:

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