Arby's new Meat Mountain


That’s not a bad deal; if you take it apart you have sandwiches for a week.


Meanwhile at The Onion:
Arby’s Now Charging $2.99 To Let Customers Go Behind Counter, Grab Handfuls Of Roast Beef


It’s bad enough that I have to wait all year for their mint shake. This sign of Arby’s inevitable death means I may never taste one ever again. Looks like I better get their crème brulee shake while I still can.


Some Reddit user did the calorie math on this and it ‘only’ came out to about 1500 calories of almost all protein (except for the bun of course).

That’s not even one appetizer at places like Red Robin or Cheesecake Factory.


So you get slightly less than a pound of bad cold cuts for $10?

Have you been to the grocery store lately?

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Actually I pay $3.99 for a pound of bad cold cuts at my grocery store.

Holy shit! That is an intense stack of processed meat. There are likely 10s of teenagers planning to attempt to eat this. Do they give you a hat and put your picture on the wall?


So I’m probably a bit out of touch here but this is what I think of when I hear “meat mountain”


What could possibly go wrong?

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No Alpaca? No Giraffe?

Very disappointing…


A mountain of processed meats prepared with a mountain of sodium, I’ll bet.

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How you figure? All those ingredients add up to roughly 1 lb. That’s less than a couple Wendy’s Doubles.

1lb of cold cuts is enough for sandwiches for a week for me…

It’s nine ounces of sliced meat, two slices of cheese, two chicken tenders, and one-and-a-half strips of bacon. When I’m hungry, that’s a meal’s worth of meat, not a week’s worth!

too expensive. 1/2 pound of various lunch meats at the supermarket (went shopping last night) is about $2.50. Two chicken tenders should be $1.00 (cost of a McChicken). Three slices of bacon and cheese aren’t worth the remaining $7.

i admit it looks delicious, but given that its a mix of all those meats the flavors would all blend into nothing. Additionally, most buyers of this are going to smother it in some kind of condiment anyway.

Yeah. We don’t have an unhealthy eating issue in this country. not at all.