Where's the beef? Wendy's running low on hamburger meat

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Wendy’s is one of the corporations supporting 45’s reelection campaign; no sympathy for them.


Burger King and McDs probably have deeper reserves that Wendy’s “fresh, never frozen” doesn’t allow. That could explain the difference.

But as @Melizmatic says…


Yep; they can rot, for all I care.


“National meat shortage?” Is chicken not meat?

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Hopefully this should have the major chains doubling down on lab grown meat as the primary source of meat for their burgers.


I have 6lb in my freezer I’ll sell them in exchange for one of those infinite frostee cards they used to have.

Slide into my DMs Wendy!


Subway makes a big deal about fresh bread but they ship frozen dough to the store so it’s basically the same as what you get in a can from a grocery only sometimes hadn’t thawed as well.

I assume there’s some kind of similar thing going on (eg they keep it at 34f)


I go out once a week for supplies and a “date”. I grab Wendys on the way out. (I AM saving money not eating out in all this.)

I noticed they wont let you order the triple stack any more. That’s ok, I just get a single. Used to get two Dave’s singles for 5 bucks, but they ended that deal. Aw.

Anyway, yes, the fresh, never frozen model definitely means they can’t stock pile like others can.


What, US fast food joints are still open?


IKR Is tuna not chicken?

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Wendy’s is still selling the Chili which has beef, but is frozen. The burgers have long been advertised as fresh never frozen. So I assume the issues is they don’t have a vast supply of frozen hamburger patties. Other fast food chains likely do (although I think five guys and in n’ out make the same claim?).

I don’t know how long McD’s supply is likely to last though, I’m sure they hope the beef processing will struggle back to meeting demand before they run out.

(and as has been said before Wendy’s is supporting 45, so I would urge you all to buy responsabbably…i.e. not at Wendy’s)

Drive-through only.


Thanks. I was expecting the worst; nice to be mostly wrong.


Yes, in CA for example they can have the drive through windows open. I’m not sure how you maintaining 6ft distance there (and the one time I went, just the day before shelter in place started there were no masks). The ice cream truck makes daily rounds on my street, in fact it seems to be up from once a day to 3x a day. My wife and I both ask each other “want a plague popsicle?”. I think the driver does have a mask, but again I don’t see how you can stay 6ft back (nor from any of the food trucks I have seen when I took my dog to the vet).

…then again I say all that, and I did hand a dog out the window to a vet tech (she and I both had masks, and the dog was blind & deaf, so letting him run to her was not really an option so no 6ft distance there either…I got him back 7 hours later and he is still deaf but for the first time in years can see, which is awesome, hopefully we can keep him from scratching his eyes out).


In my area, any restaurants that are still operating tend to do so on a ‘delivery/pick up’ only basis.


The US is drive through central. Why do you think our cars have multiple cup holders and minivans have optional built-in vacuum cleaners for stray french fries?


Wait, you buy bread in a can?


I would love it if the corporate entities that support Trump realize that his incompetence is hurting their bottom line. Any Democrat, even a jackass like Biden (who at least has decades of experience in government) would at least understand all the things that need to be done, and listen to experts instead of dismissing them out of hand.


I had a Big Mac for the first time in years. It literally didn’t taste like meat at all. I can see how it is harder to keep real meat in stock.