McDonald's dumps Heinz over ex-Burger King CEO




One of the easiest things we can do to improve our health: Never eat at a restaurant that has a drive-thru window.


I thought this would be about something very different, reading that headline. The image included a trashcan full of ketchup and a man in a suit.


This is quite a blow to Heinz, I wonder how they will catch up.


I was picturing the ex-CEO wearing the BK “King” suit siting with his head in his hands crying while Ronald McDonald poured a gatorade style water cooler of Heinz ketchup on him…


The switch will be more apparent overseas than in the United States, since McDonald’s only serves Heinz ketchup in two domestic markets - Pittsburgh and Minneapolis

Last time I was in a McDonald’s, it was Heinz. That’s Ontario though.

I’m more worried that Heinz will change their recipe to cut costs, but this does make me less tempted to go to McDonald’s. Restaurants that serve inferior ketchup are crap. The worst are the ones that hide it. They’ll have Heinz bottles on the tables, but when you taste it, it’s not Heinz. They think we won’t notice, but we do!


phew; it s a good thing I never eat at the liquor store.


Yeah stupid misconceptions like this are the real reason we have health problems in this country.


Oh no. This complicates my surprise anniversary dinner plans.


Too early.


Once their courage is mustered, I’m sure they will relish the chance to go after new customers.


If they don’t, they’re sure in a pickle


Lettuce not get carried away with cheesy puns now.


Phew, Popeye’s is still fair game.


Have you looked at the nutrition info for the mid-tier “sit down” restaurants? Chili’s sells a hamburger that comes in over 2000 calories if you clear the plate.

It’s not just drive-thru restaurants that turn us into mountains of blubber, it’s eating out in general. Restaurants sell pleasure and to accomplish that they use a ton of salt and fat.


I’ll add childish behavior to my list of reasons to avoid McD. It won’t be displacing unhealthy food and treating employees poorly from the top positions, though.


Ya, it will take some time for them to get on a roll.


To do that, they’d first have to get off their buns.


So I’d have to go inside to get my alcohol? No thank you.


It’s not just that he came from BK, he’s still the Vice Chairman of BK. So, he still works for BK. McD would be foolish to continue a business relationship with someone who works for the competition. It’s not that complicated.