Some (slightly) healthier choices at fast food restaurants


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Super Size Me!


I wish she’d have noted that McDonalds fries are NOT Veg*n acceptable, as they contain beef flavoring in the coating, but do not mention it in the ingredients (“natural flavoring”).

On a side note: FUCK YOU MCDONALDS


If you’re in the UK the fries would not contain it. Too bad the ones in the US are overladen with all kinds of junk


Execpt the comments explain it better, and no not really, also Mark was linking to foodbabe who is well dishonest at best about her ‘science’


Well there’s 2 things to discuss. That US McD’s fries have way more ingredients than the UK ones. The number of ingredients in both territories is a fact, what the ingredients are there for and what they do is a whole other discussion.

My particular comment above was in response to someone saying that McD’s puts beef seasoning on fries and i pointed out that the UK ones do not. Unless i am mistaken and they actually do, i’d be happy to edit my post above to reflect that.


Fair enough about the vegan. Though from the comments of that article a lot of other things are in the UK fries as they share oil and there are differences in the labeling laws as well.


The salads might not be the only healthy thing, but they’re often the closest to tasty. That said, I’ll eat those bacon and egg sammiches any day. How do you mess up a bacon and egg sammich?


I’ve had some pretty shitty breakfast egg and bacon sammiches before from McD’s. Though i had some recently and it wasn’t as bad as i remembered (though it did taste like it had a ton of butter)


You say that like it was bad.


I do. It was too much, i did not wholly enjoy it but at least it had some taste vs what i recall them tasting like before.


From the article image, I’d say take out the egg yolk.


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