Arby's lovers can line up for a free – and real – tattoo this Saturday

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I’d get the cherub. He looks like he’s holding a bag with a dildo drawn on it.


That’s… interesting.

You have never enjoyed Arbys until you have enjoyed Nihilist Arbys.


I hope that Tex Avery’s estate sues for character defamation. That wolf may be a sex criminal but I’m pretty sure he has enough taste to avoid eating at Arby’s.


I kind of wish they’d just speed things up and offer an “Idiot” forehead tattoo in exchange for free Arby’s for life. The “Snow Crash” future is already on the way, so what would be the harm?


They ruined themselves by turning out to be an agency employee who then had lunch with Arby’s marketing execs and posed for photos.

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The only glitch is that you have to choose one out of the tattoos shown in the box above.

Well, there’s the trip to Long Beach. And then there’s the Arby’s tattoo.


These are gonna look great on Long Beach’s homeless.

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That’s the first thing I saw. A d*ck and balls.

i’d get the dagger “meats” tattoo in a heartbeat… if i was there and they removed the cheese sauce. I love Arby’s and I’m not afraid to say so and any of you that say you dislike Arby’s are simply lying liars that lie… or not eaters of meat. That I can forgive.

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I’ve always been fascinated by how the meats in Arby’s ads look pretty disgusting. Was that intentional?

it’s cuz it’s cooked “well done”

I imagine it’s cooked “done” but I’m not so sure about the cooked “well” part.

fair enough… but it’s still so tasty… salty, sugary and tasty

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Their roast beef is essentially a beef slurry product shaped into a roast/loaf like form. It then gets cooked in an oven at the restaurants and stored in a warmer all day, which it is taken in and out of for slicing when sandwiches are actually being ordered.

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