Arby's smoked bourbon

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I’m so hungry I could eat at Arby’s!


If you don’t want to sign up for Arby’s marketing, here’s a list of some smoky alternatives (sorry, no onebox here): Smoked Bourbons

I’ve always curiously looked at the “it’s cool to think of arby’s as bad” thing. I mean is any fast food actually good? They aren’t cringe like Burger King has been since they did their “the king” marketing. And as an alternative to the Big 3 Burger Consortium while not being “a burrito place”, Arby’s does just fine at having a tasty selection of Things That Aren’t Burgers. Also they had burgers for a while and they were surprisingly tasty.

Does Arby’s compare to ‘a real roast beef sandwich place like Kelly’s’? Not really.

Wow, I sound like an Arby’s shill. Fast food sucks and it sucks even more after the pandemic/work-sucks-palooza.


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