Zoom in on the syrup


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Is this Denny’s “Live mas”?

Yes, please


Subliminal Pancakes?


That’s butter?!


Denny’s social media is quite topical these days, if you haven’t heard.


Corn product != syrup


"The standardization of consumption has provided a cost-effective method of sedating the majority of the planet’s human populations. We are all Elvis now, and we will all be soldiers for the glory of the corporate world-state in the fourth world war. " --Rich Hoak


The corporate masters allowed this frivolity? What is happening?


I’m not sure whose social media presence is more ridiculous(ly bizarre), Denny’s or Arby’s.


I… I couldn’t read it. Presbyopia?


I saw this meme pop up on /r/me_irl a few days ago. I’ll go on record to say it’s one of the stupidest ones to emerge from the past couple years. I’ll be glad when it’s dead.

I guess it’s time to pick up my senior citizen card.


I can’t believe it’s not.


My thought exactly.


The BB copy went through one too many conversions. The twitter copy is a bit easier to read but I leveled it in the spoiler tags here.


My favorite reply on twitter I saw was “Are you OK?”


Uh … huh?


Yeah, I found myself squinting at my monitor to read the butter. I know presbyopia is around the corner, but GODDAMNIT I’M ONLY 42! I’M STILL YOUNG!


Thank you for that.