Dick Van Dyke breaks out in song to surprised Denny's diners


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This is why I read boing boing


This is a wonderful thing.


I gotta admit, it’s the first time in memory I’ve come upon a reason to read Useless News and World Distort.

On the couple of occasions when I’ve been working on a location shoot, the hotels we stayed at were fancy enough to leave a copy of U.S. News outside the room door every morning. We called it our “McPaper.”


god how i love him.


I was saddened when Heath Ledger and Phillip Seymour Hoffman passed.

I was heartbroken when Robin Williams and Alan Rickman left this world.

When Dick Van Dyke goes…nope…we all go too. Blow it all up, cause it is totally game over right then.


Wow, Dick Van Dyke has aged quite well.

I suppose it isn’t too surprising considering the fantastic shape he had to be in, to do all those song and dance numbers.

Still got it :slight_smile:


The man is a God damn national treasure.


Mr. Van Dyke loves to sing. He tries to do it every day, and you’d think, looking at him, it keeps him young. To listen to his duet with Gilbert Gottfried on the Amazing Colossal Podcast is to glimpse at the secret of life.


You know it will be in the same week as Betty White, too. Why? Because fuck us is why.


Just saying it right now. If we have to lose Betty White and Dick Van Dyke both on the same day of Tuesday November 8th…but as a result Trump loses big time…I can accept it.

The greater good.



That’s sweet.


I loved the book, and loved the music in film and the flying sequences, but the film itself was far too dark and disturbing - a real departure from what Fleming wrote.


The world ended when Lester Bangs died.

We’re just stuck in a 5th-dimensional hologram of the Black Iron Prison.

Watch out for the Pink Lasers.


Oh, you said Lasers. Never mind.


That was awesome. What was even more awesome is that Dick Van Dyke eats at Denny’s. What wasn’t awesome was that so many felt the need to video it. Sometimes, you should just kick back and enjoy awesomeness without having to share (or prove how more awesome your life is to others than theirs).


You got that right. I saw him on a late night show a month or two ago, the guy is rocking it. He’s quite inspirational.


According to Night At The Museum his secret is spending years working in the proximity of a mystical life-giving artifact.


But Denny’s?