Ariana Grande's amended tattoo now reads "BBQ finger"


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Maybe, after she has an accident with a table saw…


Ok, after the past few months I know far more about Ariana Grande than I ever wanted to (Pete whateverhisnameis, too). What really blows my mind about this is that her doctor actually gave her a lidocaine shot. For a tattoo. That’s just not right.




I wish I understood tattoo culture.

Honestly, I’m all for doing whatever you want as long as it doesn’t bother others but I just don’t “get” tattoos. There’s nothing I can think of that’s so meaningful that I want permanently inked on my body.


BRB trademarking BBQ Finger for my new Pan-Asian Fusion restaurant chain.


I have a bad case of bbq finger now…licks chip dust from fingers


What was she going for? Seven finger rings? Because if you say it quickly, that might be worse.


指輪 is a finger ring… but Japanese is never written top-to-bottom, left-to-right. If it’s top-to-bottom it’s always right-to-left. Edit: actually, I take that back; it’s right-to-left top-to-bottom (horizontal) that’s never done. So yeah, if read 七指輪 it’s a passable contraction of 七つの指輪.


Mmmm, my favorite part is the finger.


“BBQ finger”

Name her next album that…


I occasionally see anime with really bad, illiterate subtitles, and you know what?

1: Translating Japanese to English, consult a native English speaker.
2: Translating English to Japanese, consult a native Japanese speaker.

America does not need more wax tadpoles, ok?


That attitude certainly protects you from ending up with something like this on your body for the rest of your life:

That said, tattoos fascinate me. I don’t have one, just yet, but I love looking at them. I even have a shelf of books about them, and at one point thought of learning how to make them myself, but I figured who would want to get a tattoo from someone that doesn’t have tattoos?

As for Ariana’s train wreck… at least she made it interesting. It would be more interesting if it were on her finger instead of her palm.


In another month or so it will read “BBQ finger please correct this to say ‘seven rings’ no don’t write the ‘please correct this to say seven rings’ part”


That has to be one of my favorite illusion tattoos. Genius.


This is why you should never go to a bad cake decorator for tattoo repairs.


“No Mr Bond, I expect you to fry.”


Agreed, and yet… the man now has neck nipples.

If you reach a point in your life when you are having neck nipples tattooed forever on your body for the lulz, something may be awry. Or maybe you are winning life. I certainly don’t know, but I’m happy to watch.


At least he can explain those. :wink:


I think in general it can be said that jokes get old after awhile. So things like tattoos and the name of your business (or kid) are not the best medium for jokes. Although I always chuckle when I drive past What The Pho restaurant.